Illinois OK for Relight US

Local officials have reversed an earlier decision and approved the 81-turbine Meridien wind project in central Illinois after the developer modified its proposal.

Relight US initially planned to install GE 2.85MW turbines on 98.2m towers, however it now proposes to use 2MW machines. The proponent also increased setbacks for non-participating landowners to 1700m from 1000m.

Logan County officials have voted 8-4 to grant a conditional use permit. In January the application failed after the board tied in a 6-6 vote.

The developer, a subsidiary of Italian energy outfit Relight, had already trimmed the project down from a 140-turbine plan in response to concerns about property values and health effects.

The latest revisions reduce noise impacts and additional noise reduction technology will cut sound levels even further, Relight told county officials. Noise is now about 20% below county ordinance limits on average.

The developer aims to complete construction by the end of 2016. The $400m Meridien scheme would be the Italian company’s first US wind farm.


Retrieved from reNEWS