Logan County skeptical of wind turbine project

MOUNT PULASKI — Efforts are underway again to construct dozens of wind turbines in Logan County, despite a similar proposal’s rejection earlier this year.

Officials from Relight US Corp., a Delaware-based company that has been tied to the project for years, have said they want to connect more with the community to see how their former proposal was shot down and what changes could be made to move forward on the estimated $400 million project.

The Meridien Wind Farm was rejected by the Logan County Board in January due to concerns over health issues related to the turbine’s noise as well as the legitimacy of Relight US Corp., founded in 2007 as an American division of an energy company based in Italy.

The project, which has been in the planning stage since 2007, would have placed 81 turbines in an area stretching from Broadwell to Elkhart.

Two hearings have been held in Mount Pulaski in the past month to discuss changes that have been made to the plan, and repeat concerns raised in the past.

Wayne Woo, a partner in Relight and self-described “finance guy,” spoke to audiences at both hearings and went over several changes. Along with the noise from the turbines moving to an average decibel level 20 percent below the ordinance requirements, the turbine size would be reduced from 2.85 megawatts to 2.0 megawatts, though turbine heights would still be between 430 and 492 feet.

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