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Illinois Wind Resource Map, 2015 (40 m)


Illinois Wind Resource Map, 2015 (80 m)

Illinois Wind Resource Maps & Methodology, 2015:
Provided to us was hourly wind data at nearly 40 sites across Illinois. The data included surface temperatures and wind speed/direction at multiple height levels, usually between 10 and 70 meters, for time periods lasting anywhere from several months to three years. Our goal was to extrapolate 40 and 80 meter wind speeds from these data points across the entire state.  Read the full report: "Illinois Wind Resource Maps and Methodology", October 2015

WIU Department of Geography
Brendan Wallace, Meteorology Student
Alexander Adams, Meteorology Student
Dr. Redina Herman, Associate Professor
Dr. Marcus Bϋker, Associate Professor

WIU GIS Center
Chad Sperry, Director

Seasonal Wind Resource Maps, 2005-2007 (10 m, 50 m, 80 m)